CB 800 Casa San Juan - 9 bedrooms

Casa San Juan's love 5 bedroom house & pool & garden, fully air conditioned, 30 km from Barcelona city center.

Casa San Juan's 4 bedroom house, La Masia, along with the outdoor bbq/dining/pingpong area.

Casa San Juan, an old movie I took of the view out towards the Montseny mountains to the north.

The main attractions at Casa San Juan include the overall comfort and quality of the two houses, including air conditioning in the main 5 bedroom house. Also worth mentioning is the large private fenced property under pines, the great views, and the very large pool... all set in lovely parkland very close to Barcelona and the Maresme coast beaches. Modestly priced for what you get, between €11 and €22 per night per person, depending on season.

Location: I have practically pinpointed the location in the introductory text as I think the location is ideal, and the map link above can show you in Google Maps and Google Earth the exact coordinates so that you can explore the unspoiled location yourself from the air.

Casa San Juan detail from huge living room in Casa Gran, room for 20+ guests to eat indoors.

While Casa San Juan is close to the city and coast with access to two commuter train lines to Barcelona nearby (Mataró or Granollers, linked directly to Barcelona and Barcelona airport, every half hour, 35 minute and 5.20 Euros roundtrip to Passeig de Gracia just above Placa de Catalunya), this property is in fact situated just off a nice little-transited country road (the C-1415c) favored by local bicycle aficionados, with some small farms and a few country restaurants and a nicely keep wooded parklands with sea views just up the road from the house. To give you an idea, I have included a couple photos of the surroundings in the Images link. The view of the sea below is taken from 1 km up the road from Casa San Juan, and the view of impressive castle below is from 1 km down the road towards La Roca. The town of La Roca, by the way, is a market town and very good for shopping. There is even a famous shopping mall with outlets for discounted brand-name clothes called La Roca Village which you can visit in internet. My area info for this house is about 3 pages long and includes restaurants, carry out places, shopping, golf, tennis and horseback riding, etc...

The grounds: The two houses are about 100 meters up a private fully paved road from the main gate at kilometer 12 of the C-1415c. The houses are about 60 meters apart. The wooded property of mostly pines and Holm oak is "au naturel", no frilly gardens, except the nicely landscaped garden backing the pool, with local trees, flowers, and a herb garden. The 12x5m pool, 125 to 200cm deep, has 8 lounge chairs, a parasol, some floating toys for kids, and there is a convenient poolside WC with shower.

Casa San Juan, part of the kitchen of Casa Gran, with high quality appliancesThere is an area for parking for both houses, and you have entrances into Casa Gran from both the front and the back of the house onto the same central hallway. Outside Casa Gran is a thatch covered BBQ dining/sitting area, and from the front of the house you can see La Masia just 60 meters up the hill, but mostly hidden by the woods. Outside it is very quiet, with the sound of birdsong and the wind in the trees. Great wide views to the north include the mighty Montseny mountain range.

Casa Gran 5 bedroom house description: As I said, the front and back entrances open onto a central hallway separating the two wings of the house. The bedrooms of the two wings are far apart from each other, and each wing has a hallway door allowing maximum privacy. The kitchen on your right upon entering the house also has another swinging door that opens directly onto the dining room. The kitchen is quite handsome, with wide windows for natural light, plenty of marble counter space for food prep, double sink, and brand new good quality appliances, such as the 5 burner Bosch hob and extractor, the big Siemens waste-high oven, the big Balac refrigerator, the Whirlpool microwave, and the Bosch dishwasher, all chrome plated and fit in to a well designed kitchen. There is a little breakfast table in the kitchen seating four. In the hallway to the front door a pantry with a clothes washer and clothes drier and sink for hand washing, along with the ironing board

Casa San Juan one of the bedrooms in air conditioned 5-bedroom Casa Gran

The living-dining room is a very large space measuring about 65m2 and with large windows letting in plenty of light. The living room area has 3 sofas, a couple of lazy chairs on each side of a card table, and there is a large flat screened TV and stereo on the wall across from the huge (and functional) fireplace. The main dining room table has seating for 12 guests but can be expanded to seat over 20 guests with the addition of a fold out table and chairs kept in the corner.

Beyond the dining area is the 2-bedroom wing:

  • bedroom 1) has two single beds (that can be pushed together to make a double)
  • bedroom 2) has a 160x200cm double bed.
  • these two quite handsome and well-furnished bedrooms are separated by a nicely tiled, halogen-lit bathroom with large bathtub, toilet and bidet, and a large sink.

Down the other wing are the other 2 large bedrooms and the third bathroom:

  • bedroom 3) has two 90x180cm single beds that can be pushed together to form a 180x190cm double bed
  • bedroom 4) a the end of the hall is a very handsome large bedroom with a 160x200cm double bed and some nice wooden furnishings. Between these two rooms is a very handsome wheelchair friendly bathroom, beautifully tiled, with double sink, and a wide ground-level walk in (or wheel-in) shower.

Going back to the central hallway with the two entrances on each side of the house, there is a hallway bathroom with walk-in shower, and across from that, a somewhat smaller bedroom:

  • bedroom 5) with two single beds, the above mentioned bathroom is across the hall

Casa San Juan bathroom in Casa Gran

There are a lot of quality extras to take note of here in the Casa Gran, starting with the air-conditioning, which can be controlled by thermostat in each part of the house separately, for heat in winter or cool and/or dehumidify in summer. All rooms have top-of-the-line mosquito screens and wooden shutters that keep out the light for sleeping in late, and the lighting outside around the house is new, going on and off automatically at night with sensors. The large fireplace in the living room can be used for BBQs in winter.

Location of 4-bedroom la Masia:

The road up from Casa Gran to la Masia is unpaved but in good condition. There are several paths to walk the 65 meters that separate the two houses. Across from the main entrance to La Masia the large covered outdoor salon, about 75m2, where most guests spend most of their time here when not at the pool. The huge verandah has a large built-in barbeque and food prep area and a couple of wide planked wooden picnic tables, and in the middle a folding ping pong table, and to the far left a washing machine next to a sink for hand washing, some clothes lines, and a toilet, so that you don´t have to go into the house to go.

Casa San Juan's 4 bedroom house is called La Masia. Here is the main living/dining/kitchen room

Description of La Masia house, 4 bedrooms & 3 bathrooms. There is a front door on each side of the 30m2 central living/dining kitchen room. You can walk in directly from the parking area and the large covered barbecue area, which is the favorite spot for most gatherings at Casa San Juan, even though Casa Gran has its own outdoor sitting bbq area as well. The other door on the other side of La Masia's living room opens onto a nice shady seating area under tall pines, with white plastic chairs and table for 6, and nice views out over the valley and the mighty Montseny mountain range.

On the right as you walk in you have the dining room table, seating 10 guests, and after that, the living room area, with two sofas* seating 3 each facing a flat screen 32" TV with local digital channels you can put into Original Language version using the DUAL button, and there is DVD player and satellite TV box connected to Astra, with all the open European satellite channels. * these are two sofa beds, 140x190cm that open like a book, so more comfy than the usual folding sofa bed!

Casa San Juan, large barbecue area for 20+ guests, with WC, ping pong, lighting for night meals

On the left as you walk in to La Masia is the new kitchen, everything pure Ikea: 4 burner induction hob and electric oven and smoke extractor, dishwasher, good-sized fridge, microwave, toaster, kettle, drip coffee-maker, stick mixer, and a good old-fashioned double sink. Having the door to the main bbq area right next to the kitchen is a good idea, and having doors to the outside on both sides of the house means you can have a nice breeze running through the living/dining/kitchen area...

Behind the kitchen wall is one of the three separate bedroom areas in La Masia. This one has

  • bedroom 6 ) with 150x200cm double bed and a full bathroom with shower.
  • bedroom 7) is across the living room with 4 single beds, 90x190cm, and next door a full bathroom with a bathtub.

Upstairs are 2 bedrooms:

  • bedroom 8) with a 150x190cm double bed
  • bedroom 9) with two single 90x190cm beds.
  • in the hallway the full bathroom has a shower.
  • all bedrooms have closet space and reading lights for reading in bed, and windows with wooden shutters to keep light and heat out in summer.

Casa San Juan, the pool with Casa Gran house behind & wc to the rightAltogether La Masia is a very nice little house, which along with Casa Gran, makes for a winning combination, especially if you take into account how close this property is to Barcelona and the sea. The owners of this property are genuinely kind and friendly and take very good care of guests. I have been working with them since 2002 and never had any sort of complaint about them or the house. I also like the fact that the owners plow much of what they earn from renting the house back into making improvements to the property and the place just keeps getting better and better!