Can Selvata restaurant first course photo.

There's the salad bar you help yourself to as soon as you get in.  Then the waitress comes up and takes your order - see the menu page for Can Selvata.  In the photo you see my wine and water, my salad, bread, the ali-oli garlic paste I ordered (comes for free) and the first course of paella.  Read More

Example of menu

The midday menu at Can Selvata restaurant is €9.50 for a 4-course meal! Read More

Restaurant Can Selvatà near Banyoles

Yesterday I had lunch at a place called Can Selvatà, a perfect example of a menu of home cooking.  It was €9.50 for a four-course meal, including a bottle of red wine from which I had about half.  I took a photo of the place from my table, and of the menu on offer, and of the à la carte menu... Read More

Intro to "comida casolana" & the menu

Home cooking is best enjoyed at lunchtime, between 1 and 4 pm, when most restaurants are required by law to offer 3 or 4 course meal, including beverage (usually a bottle of wine) starting at about 10 Euros per person, all included.  Yes, 10 Euros! The variety of food on offer is amazing, and... Read More