CB 800 Casa San Juan - 9 bedrooms

Restaurants near to Casa San Juan:

Restaurante Rural Can Parpers, about 1 km up from the Casa San Juan entrance on the C-1415c de la Roca a Mataró Km. 11,1 08430-La Roca del Vallès. Telf. 93 8421978 or mobile 650614094

Menu from Tuesday to Friday, 10 €A la Carte Saturday and Sunday. This is a fun place calling itself a rural restaurant, with large fields, some kiddy toys for the children, some farm animals, and a nice terrace for outdoor meals. The weekday menu is good and cheap, and you can see Casa San Juan from here!

Cargols El Parque and La Republica are 2 good restaurants in Santa Agnes de Malanyanes, the village you pass by on the BV-5105 road between the AP-7 to where you turn for Casa San Juan. El Parque has a cheap midday menu of 12 Euros and you can eat out in the shady garden and there are some swings for the kids. While El Parque is more attractive (the patio at La Republica has been cemented over!) it is La Republica de Santa Agnes that enjoys the better reputation for the quality of the food. However, the owners are not always very welcoming (and not only to foreigners, I get the impression) so you may have to make an effort to fit in....Sometimes live music on Fridays and Saturdays.

Restaurante Braseria Can Macía, c/Anselm Clavé, 5108430-La Roca del Vallès. Telf. 93 842 4393. Meuu from Monday to Friday: 11 € A la Carte Saturday and Sunday.

La Cuina d´en Fabri, Urbanització Can Coletc/Josep M.Gurt i Cupons, 4208430-La Roca del VallèsTelf. 93 8799244. www.lacuinadenfabri.com Menu from Tuesday to Friday:12 €. A la Carte Saturday and Sunday.

Restaurante El Parque, Av.Gaudí s/n.08430-Sta.Agnès de Malanyanes (La Roca del Vallès)Telf. 93 8420134. Menu from Monday to Friday:11 €A la Carte Saturday and Sunday. Take away food and home delivery also available. You will pass the turn in to Sta Agnes de Malanyanes on your way to and from the AP-7 exit 12. Nice garden for outdoor meals.

Fonda Europa de Granollers, c/Anselm Clavé, 108400-Granollers. Telf. 93 8700312. A la Carte only , about 25 a 30 €. A bit fancy but very good!

Good takeway foods and catering:

In la Roca del Vallès:
Rostisseria Cala Mari
c/.Montseny, 14 Telf. 938420643 (good Catalan takeaway foods) www.rostisseriacalamari.com

In Santa Agnès de Malanyanes takeaway food and catering
Coquinaria: c/ Pau Casals, 4 Telf. 670 707 059 www.coquinaria.cat

In Vilassar de Mar:
La Botiga de l'atlàntida Avenida Montevideo, 23 Telf. 937500264 www.atlantidagrup.com
Here they do everything, takeaway foods, catering, and even home delivery

En Cardedeu:
Els Fogons de la fina: Daily menú (prix fix lunches) to take away. c/Montseny, 47 Telf. 938444202 www.elsfogonsdelafina.es


Supermarket CAPRABO, C1415c La Roca del Valles, and there is also a DIA and a LIDL and a neat little park for small children in front of the football field, also in La Roca

Supermarket CARREFOUR, c/N-2 in Mataró

Popular discount clothing outlet village with café –Restaurant at La Roca Village, La Roca del Vallès www.larocavillage.com

Other points of interest:

Internet Connection: Public Library Biblioteca Municipal de La Roca del Vallesfree wifi connections.

Cocktails / Out for a drink: The area around the Port ofMataró (12 Km from the house). All the ports here have bars and restaurants. The port at Mas Nou is also very popular and good.

Commercial area around the ALCAMPO supermarket in Mataró. (12 Km) for nightlife & discos.... but not a very sophisticated crowd.

Horseback riding: Can Prat Nou, Ctra.Valldoriolf, Km. 208430-La Roca del Valles. Telf. 93 8420961 (8 Km from Casa San Juan). Horseback riding classes, rent horses and excursions on horseback

Tennis: Pancho Tenis Club, Ctra. C1415c Mataró-La Roca Km. 2,400 Telf. 93 7970846 -93 8792498 (10 Km). Rent courts and classes, just up the road from Casa San Juan

Golf: VilalbaManso, Vilalba Crta. de la Roca-Cardedeu BV-5105 Km 4, 508430-La Roca del Valles (7 Km from the house) www.vilalbagolf.com

The train to Barcelona: Granollers, 8 km is closest train. Free parking near the station. Far more fun is the train from the Mataró train station (12 km from the house). Park near the station for free and buy your ticket one way or roundtrip from either the automatic dispensor or from the ticket booth. The train ride is a lot of fun as the train goes along the beach for most of the ride in to the city. This is the oldest train line in Spain, built in 1840. Keep your eyes peeled for the nudist beaches along the way! see: www.renfe.es

Spanish TV is now 100% digital. You have to turn the digital receiver on and then hit the AV or Video button on the TV zapper to active this outside source, then you switch over to the digital zapper. There are about 35 channels, most of them garbage, but there are 3 24-hour children´s channels (Disney, Clan, and Canal 3/300) a Sports Channel and 4 or 5 news channels, and the great thing about digital is that foreign shows (mostly US series and movies) can be seen in original version. These programs are usually start around 10pm. Your Digital zapper will have a button labeled AUDIO or LANG or something like that, and once you click on that, you can opt between dubbed and original version. There are also buttons to see information on the present and future programming, text TV (weather, flights, etc) and lots of other extras.

This is not cable TV. It is 100% free, but in many ways more technologically interactive and sophisticated than either cable or normal TV.