Hi, I'm Charlie, US ex-pat in Barcelona since 1987

This is out inaugural blog, our first ever attempt to reach out and share what we hope will be interesting content for those who plan to spend some holiday time in our villas in the Barcelona and Costa Brava regions of Catalonia, Spain.

We will have plenty of content on the villas we offer and the areas around the houses, including shopping, interesting walks, attractions, sports, etc… but my wife Maria and I are “foodies” and we are particularly interested in sharing our discoveries of great places to eat and drink for very little money.  I think more than anywhere I have ever had the pleasure of visiting, Catalonia offers a very sophisticated and vastly underpriced food environment.  OK, the area is also known for its many top-rated and very expensive 3 Michelin star restaurants, but these are already well documented elsewhere.  What we want to concentrate on is what is called “cuina de mercat” or “comida casolana”, which can be translated into simple old-fashioned “home cooking”.