This blog is about the huge discounts on offer for villa rentals for the last week in August, 2017. 

Here’s what’s going on: some holiday villa owners have gotten tired of not getting bookings for the end of the high-season and have progressively lowered rates over the years, to the point where a few villas are in fact offering low-season rates for the last week of the high-season. 

This is a unique opportunity for those who take their holidays late in the summer. 

So let’s be specific with some examples: 

El Turo luxury 10 bedroom villa

El Turo 10 bedroom luxury villa, incredible estate, gorgeous venue for many weddings and corporate events, indoor & outdoor pool, etc.: http://www.villasbarcelona.com/rentals/el-turo

  • 21/7-25/8: €8600/week
  • 25/8-31/12: €5900/week
  • so €2700 off the previous week!


Peus Curts villa

Peus Curts 7 bedroom villa, with a fantastic outdoors & fenced pool & perfect bbq dining area &  the best mountain views in Catalonia: http://www.villasbarcelona.com/rentals/peus-curts is priced as follows:

  • 14/7-18/8: €2730/week
  • 18/8-25/8: €2480/week
  • 25/8-1/9:   €1600/week
  • so €880 off previous week!


Can Saladrigas 6 bedrooms on Costa Brava

Can Saladrigas 6 bedroom villa, excellent house & garden & pool, especially for kids, absolutely tops in its Costa Brava category: http://www.villasbarcelona.com/rentals/can-saladrigas

  • 22/7-26/8: €2850/week
  • 26/8-2/9: €2140/week
  • so €710 off the previous week

There are many examples of this I could add here…. (Can Tapies goes down €600 on 25/8, Can Cabanas goes down €460 on 25/8, Can Barracas goes down €450 on 26/8, and the list goes on).

So who says it is only the early bird who gets worm?

This is a unique opportunity for those late birds… but do book those weeks now! By all rights, they should get snatched up early.

That’s my friendly advice…

Charlie at www.villasbarcelona.com