Ir de copas - out for drinks

Ir de copas, or to go out for a drink, is a daily exercise for many Spaniards. More than anywhere in Europe, the local bar is replied upon as a sort of community center, and most visitors are astounded at the sheer number of bars in any neighborhood. A typical bar is well stocked with a great variety of drink, and Spanish barmen are liberal pourers of spirits. A highball glass is normally served a third to half full. Carajillos are especially popular after a meal, and consist of expresso coffee with a shot of the spirit of your choice- anis, whiskey, rum, Baileys, etc. All but the top-notch Spanish brandies are clearly inferior to French Cognac, but are widely consumed and an excellent value for money. Sherry comes in several varieties, fino is pale, dry and served chilled; amontillado is darker in color and medium dry; oloroso is dark and heavy; cream is pale and sweet, made by sweetening a blend of olorosos. A small glass of beer on tap is a caña, a highball glass is a tubo, and a mug is a jara.