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Barcelona Costa Brava Villa Rentals

2nd course

Some classic Catalan main courses

Freshest ingredients from land, sea, and air...

  • arròs a banda- rice and fish, usually scorpion fish, served with a topping of allioli and baked in the oven.
  • arrós negre- stuffed squid served with rice cooked in the cephalopod´s ink, hence the name black rice.
  • arrós amb feseola i naps- rice with beans and turnips
  • arrós empedrat- rice cooked with tomatoes and cod and a top layer of white beans
  • bacallà a la viscaina- cod with dried peppers and onion
  • bacallà al pil-pil- cod with garlic and chili peppers
  • bacallà a la catalana amb panses i pinyones- the salt cod is stewed in a combined picada and sofregit sauce together with raisins and pine nuts.
  • bajoques farcides- peppers stuffed with rice, pork, tomatoes, and spices.
  • botifarra or butifarra- a large succulent non-cured sausage, usually served with mongetes, or pale French beans.
  • brandada- way of preparing Cod, with garlic and olive oil, typical of Provence.
  • cassolet- stew of beans and pork
  • civet- typically French dish of wild game, marinated in red wine, onions, bacon, and herbs, served in a thick sauce.
  • confit- meat, often duck, conserved in its own fat
  • conill ambs herbes al vi negre- rabbit in red wine
  • daba (a la daba)- a type of stew, normally of beef, but occasionally of fowl, prepared with lots of red wine.
  • fabada- white bean stew of Asturias, with chunks of ham, chorizo, and morcilla
  • farcellets- fried stuffed cabbage
  • farcit- oven baked apples stuffed with meat, cookie crumbs, etc., served as side dish or dessert.
  • fricandó- veal and fresh mushroom fricasse.
  • girella- lamb with rice.

Roasted quails

  • graellada- means it is grilled on charcoal barbecue.
  • magret- roast breast of duck
  • mandonguilles amb sépia- meatballs stewed with chunks of cuttlefish and peas.
  • mar y cielo- stew of sausages, rabbit, shrimp, and fish.
  • merluza a la sidra- hake cooked with cider.
  • morralla o cria de peix- fried fish
  • niu- ancient and complex dish, with swordfish, (pez espada or emperador) cod tripe, and wild fowl.
  • paella- originally from Valencia, comes in many variations, but in Catalunya is apt to have as much chicken and pork rib as fish and shellfish.
  • pèsols- Fresh young peas, often fried with sea-eel, sepia (cuttlefish), or lamb chops. Sant Pau in the Garrotxa hosts a popular gastronomic festival based on the pèsol.
  • peix espada or emperador a la marinera- swordfish with a tomato and onion sauce similar to the French marinière sauce.
  • peuada- boneless pigfeet (peus de porc) stew with egg and sugar sauce
  • pollastre rostit amb samfaina- roast chicken with ratatouille.
  • pollastre al ast- rotisserie roasted chicken.
  • rossejat- oven gratin of rice or pasta.
  • sang i perdiu- stew of lamb tripe, blood, and picada (see above).
  • suquet de peix- fish stew with tomato sauce and potatoes.
  • tiró- along with ànec, another name for duck.
  • truita a la navarra- trout stuffed and fried with a piece of ham.
  • sarsuela- meaning 'comic opera', a stew of all kinds of fish, ground almonds, chocolate, and spices.
  • xai a la brasa- is charcoal grilled lamb, normally lamb chops.
  • xai al forn- oven baked lamb, usually sholder or leg of lamb.